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Enjoy these videos featuring discussions between the "Fab Four"... Delora O'Brien, Charlie Jordan (bass player for Prophet Kim Clement), Pastor Joe Dingle and Dr. Gregory Eck.

We have been dubbed "The Fab Four" by our followers.
(not to be confused with the Beatles)

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Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming... NOTHING!

The FAB FOUR bring you up to date on all that is happening...all that is about to happen...and how this all ends!

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Nothing Can Stop It!

The Boomernag Effefct

Join us as we reveal the reality of our "gas shortage" as well as breaking news about Arizona's Audit and DC update!

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Boomerang Effect

The Great Thanksgiving Awakening!

Your favorite group of truthers exposes what is going on in the natural and in the spirit! SUBSCRIBE and never miss a roundtable!

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Great Thanksgiving Awakening

The Gathering, New York  - Testimonies

The FAB FOUR +1 talk about their experiences at THE GATHERING NY! See pics and footage not yet seen! What's happening with The Gathering CA?!?

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The Gathering, New York

Over The Target Podcast "The Variants are Coming!"

Join Johnny Patriot and I as we talk current events and continue to show you that we are winning!

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The Variants Are Coming!!